V. International Meeting of Specialization in Research on Economics and Business Administration

The Universities of Granada, Almería, Jaén and Malaga are organizing the V. International Meeting of Specialization in Research on Economics and Business Administration, on 29th and 30th November 2018.


This Meeting is specially aimed at PhD students who are working on their Doctoral Thesis, both at the initial and final stages, as well as Master students who are willing to defend their Master Thesis as a congress communication. This Meeting is expected to offer students a chance for presenting and discussing their research studies, as well as being an opportunity to attend to research specialization seminars (about PLS-SEM models, data analysis with R software, and qualitative research). Moreover, students who cannot attend the Meeting in person have the chance to present their paper and attending the specialization research seminars online. Furthermore, there is a list of prestigious journals that are associated to this Meeting. These journals can select up to two different papers to be included for a revision process for a potential future publication. In their revision processes, they will include the first feedback that students have received about the paper that is presented at this Meeting, taking it as the starting point of the revision process for publication (http://eiee.es/comunicaciones/revistas-interesadas-en-el-encuentro).


The venue for the present edition is the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Granada (Spain). Non-Spanish authors can present their paper online and follow the PLS and R courses in streaming. The official languages of the meeting are Spanish and English.


The conference fee is 30 € and includes the attendance at the Meeting, publication of conference papers in the Conference Proceeding Book (with I.S.B.N.) and the attendance to the specialization research seminars (for inscriptions, please visit the website: goo.gl/bZBwj8). Paper submission (communication or poster format) is opened until October 10th, 2018 (for paper submission, please access the following link: http://eiee.es/comunicaciones/normativa-y-envio-de-ponencias).


More detailed information about the program, call for papers, key dates and any other type of information about the Meeting can be found at the following website http://eiee.es/.