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Global School in Empirical Research Methods

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What is GSERM?

A high-quality integrated programme teaching methodology, for PhD students, postdocs, researchers from leading universities and professionals from outside academia. Programme will help participants in mastering advanced methodological skills that will empower them to conduct cutting-edge academic research. Participants are welcome to choose among eight intellectually stimulating empirical research courses, taught by some of the top academics within their research area. Participants will have the opportunity to network with faculty and fellow students from around the world.


20 - 24 August 2018 (1st session)

Instructor Course Level ECTS
Marc van Essen Meta-Analysis: Beyond Data Synthesis A 4
Andrew Bennett Case Study Methods B 4
Michael Kalish Bayesian Data Analysis M 4
Christian B. Hansen
V. Chernozhukov
Econometrics of Big Data R 4


27 - 31 August 2018 (2nd session)

Instructor Course Level ECTS
Sarah A. Jacobson
Robert S. Gazzale
Experimental Methods for Behavioral Science B 4
John Poe Basic and Advanced Multilevel Modeling
with R and Stan
M 4
Amanda Kay Montoya Mediation, Moderation and Conditional
Process Analysis
M 4
Paul Mihas Qualitative Research Methods & Data Analysis B 4

B = Basic   M = Intermediate   A = Advanced   R = Research

1 course CHF 1000
2 courses CHF 1900

Early bird discounts (until 31 May 2018):
discount for 1 course is CHF 200 / discount for 2 courses is CHF 300

Application deadline: 29 July 2018

More information:
Email: gserm@unisg.ch
Web: www.gserm.ch/ljubljana